PolymerCycle, LLC provides high-grade ABS, PC/ABS, HIPS and PC for use in the manufacturing of new products and compounds. Our performance guarantee ensures your product will not suffer from any quality related issues in the materials we generate.

To ensure quality, PolymerCycle:

  • Visually inspects material prior to shredding
  • Utilizes the latest in infra-red scanning to verify material consistency
  • Visually inspects material samples during regrind process
  • Screens all material for both ferrous and non ferrous metals
  • Quality inspects final raw material prior to release to our sales channel
  • Packages and labels to meet specifications

This level of inspection and verification allows PolymerCycle to guarantee a level of quality beyond accepted industry standards. Our buyers can be assured of both volume and material consistency to meet their needs and requirements.